Leapfrog is a company known for innovation in the education toy market. From the LeapPad to the Leapster, the company blends technology and creativity and is constantly re-inventing the way that children learn and develop.

For the launch of a new product called the FLY pentop computer, Leapfrog had two interesting challenges to overcome. Number one: this was the company’s first product launch to the teen/tween marketing. Number two: FLY was the company first product without a physical interface, which made if very difficult to explain. The company tapped EVB to use digital media to help bring the product to life, generate buzz and illustrate its utility.

We knew from the first instance that this product could be not explained with words. Everything about FLY needed to be “shown” to the user. We needed to find a way to illustrate its featured by a demonstration, preferably delivered by a teen/tween.

Our solution was to create Flash video site, with tween hosts, that would demo the products and actually interact with items on-screen and with the viewers.

Although it is now commonplace, digital video integrated with Flash was an exotic and progressive new approach to at the time this site launched. The agency shot four professional actors in a studio on green screen, composited the videos into the site and animated visual effects around the actors. The hosts would use the FLY to draw and create, then pass the product “through the screen” to the user and allow him to interact with it.

The site was able to clearly illustrate how FLY worked and clearly bring to life four specific features of the product.

When FLY launched, it was one of the most talked about products of the holiday season. It topped nearly everyone’s top-ten list and gift guide. The site also did not disappoint. In fact, it was mentioned alongside the product as a very innovative way to showcase a product. South By Southwest even awarded FLY with the site “Best Flash Site of the Year.”

With the launch of the FLY II and other sequel products, Leapfrog continued to partner with EVB to create microsites that demonstrate product features and benefits. When something works, it makes sense to keep doing it.