Campaign Video
Every team needs a song for fans to chant in the stadiums. It's part of the rich history of the sport and a great way to spread enthusiasm and show support for your favorite team. To bring this excitement to MLS and drive participation on a local level, we contacted 13 local bands (one band from each city that hosts an MLS Team) and asked them to create anthemic songs to suit their local team.

We've got legends (Bad Brains), local heroes (Mike Jones), mainstream mainstays (Barenaked Ladies), internet superstars (OK Go), master craftsmen (RJD2), and indie darlings (The Rapture) to go along with rising stars like Blackpool Lights and Kinky.

These songs will become part of the vocabulary of the fan experience, as integral and fun as wearing jerseys or watching the game with friends. The selected songs will be promoted heavily by adidas through both MLS and adidas channels, reaching large audiences through local MLS team marketing, online engagement, in-stadium and retail support.