VO5 Campaign Video

VO5 "Car Wash" TV Spot
Hair-care mainstay, VO5 (of Alberto-Culver) contacted EVB to completely overhaul its branding, beginning with a new line of styling products called Extreme Style by VO5. Aimed at a younger, hipper audience, the Extreme Style line begged for something new and fresh. The category was overflowing with advertising depicting fashion models sporting perfectly-coiffed hairstyles. We came to the conclusion that it would be much more intriguing to talk about the effects of having great hair, rather than just the great hair itself. And so, Victory Hair was born.

Campaign Theme
What is Victory Hair? It’s a not so subtle nod to the look achieved after a successful hook-up. The idea speaks to the young, city-dwelling target -- group that, at times, seeks out a more tussled look.

The centerpiece of the online experience is a game where users can compete to achieve Victory Hair. We call it the Ultimate Flirting Championship – a unique chat-based competition that challenges users to match flirting skills with other players from all over the world. Users may find themselves in the role of the contestants or of the judge, and you never know who you’ll be put in a room with. At the end of each game, a judge picks which contestant is the most deserving of his or her affections and, of course, they acheive Victory Hair. Banners and homepage takeovers drive traffic to the site, as does print and television.

In addition, a myspace community page was created for the brand, loaded with fun content promoting Victory Hair and the Extreme Style line of products. Widgets allow people to leave pick up lines for their friends and conduct a “Sexy Census” for their social set.

TV & Video
A 30-second TV spot features a young couple and their amazing ability to achieve Victory Hair while inside a car wash. An extended version is available online in the form of an interactive video player, where the user can try to get a peek inside the car by choosing from several different camera angles. The interactive viewer lives in rich media banners and also the campaign homepage.

In addition, two unbranded webfilms were created to show couples caught in the process of getting their Victory Hair. Those can be seen on YouTube and drive traffic back to the interactive experience.

A provocative print campaign runs in national publications, appearing as a two-page spread. It plays on the classic before/after paradigm, with a sexy “before” & Victory Hair “after” moment. Like the other media, it drives people online to VO5 Victory Hair.com.