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With the arrival of NBA 2K8, the lines between basketball and basketball sim have been blurred forever. Realistic digital players with real world personal mannerisms and accurate movements make it difficult at times to tell the difference. With this inspiration as our starting point, the 360 campaign created by EVB for NBA 2K8 revolves around a simple, yet powerful line: It’s like that.

In the 60” television commercial, footage of emotional fans is juxtaposed with NBA 2K8 game footage and culminates with the viewer being transported into a tense moment within the game itself. It’s like that.

Six short web films were created using NBA 2K8 footage to highlight moments fans are excited about in the coming basketball season. Stories include the potential resurgence of the Celtics or who could be MVP or will Kobe break Wilt Chamberlain’s record. Created to start inter-fan conversations, these ‘What if’ moments will be available to view and download on the dedicated website; www.seewhatitslike.com and within rich media banners.