MSN Search (now Micrsoft Live Search) had a very problem. It has never been able to make inroads into the search category. Search has always been a cornerstone to the success of Web portals. Without a successful search capability, a portal is doomed. In recent years, MSN has lost ground each year to Google and Yahoo.

Microsoft approached EVB to create a campaign to raise the profile of its newly re-branded Microsoft Live Search product. The site features a sexy librarian-type named Miss Dewey. Miss Dewey is a video character that responds to 500 different search terms. You just type in your search term and a dynamic video is served that corresponds to what you searched for.

When the site launched, it was unbranded. Most of the buzz and blog chatter initially revolved around the question: “who is this site for?” After the site was live for a couple of weeks, we tagged it with the Microsoft Live Search logo, which lead to the press saying “wow, I would not have expected this was for Microsoft.”

The tipping point came after about two month and the site traffic really took off. In the past two years, the site has received 20-30 million visitors per year, 1 in 5 of these visitors follows a search link, which is traffic that Microsoft is able to monetize through advertising.