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Most holiday shopping doesn’t start in office supplies. OfficeMax wanted EVB to change that.

During the holidays, millions of multi-tasking office workers surf the web, visit their social networking sites and forward audio and videos. We earned ourselves a piece of this downtime by building short, snack-like tidbits of humor that fit perfectly into a busy workday.

On ElfYourself.com users uploaded faces of friends and family onto cheerful dancing holiday elves, creating customized ecards. A toll-free number let users also customize an audio greeting. Users forwarded the cards to loved ones and posted links on their blogs, personal websites, and social networking profiles. Overnight, “Elf Yourself” became an “e-phenomenon.”

Everyone’s expectations were blown away…including our own. Nearly 1 in 10 Americans “elfed themselves” as Elfyourself.com became the 55th most popular website in the world.

During its rise as the quintessential holiday e-card, Elf Yourself was featured on Good Morning America, CNN American Morning, ABC World News, TNT Sportscast, Fox News, TBS and Rosie O’Donnell’s Blog, and The TODAY Show.

After 193 million visits and the “elfamorphosis” of over 123 million people, OfficeMax.com enjoyed a 190% increase to it’s web-traffic and a sustained increase in online and walk-in sales.