Alberto Culver maintained a very stable business with St. Ives Apricot Scrub. The scrub had been part of women’s lives for over 40 years, but was however, desperately in need of some updating. To do so, St. Ives decided to extend their scrub business by launching Elements, the brand’s first line of premium skincare cleansers and scrub products. The line was targeted at busy, on-the-go women who see maintaining their beauty regimens as a very positive part of their day as opposed to being fearful of the aging process. Her positive approach and optimism towards her beauty made her different than the Dove “Real Beauty” woman and we wanted to celebrate that with a microsite which prompted women to come and “Get A Happy Face.” As opposed to creating a destination microsite we gave our content a real purpose in her life by making it truly portable and usable. We developed a suite of widgets to help busy women with their skincare needs throughout their day. These widgets, which were inside a sophisticated 3D microsite, could be easily downloaded to desktops, mobile devices and social networking sites. Content featured map applications showing the closest parks giving people a reason to get some fresh air (everyone knows oxygen helps keep skin fresh), sign ups for text messages that “wish you a good night sleep”, a weather tracker widget that would provide 5-day local weather results, including a UVB Index Meter.