One of our favorite WOM sites of all time was a campaign that we developed for the A&E program, Criss Angel: Mindfreak. Criss Angel is a modern-day Houdini who performs crazy illusions and magic tricks (but don''t call him a magician -- he doesn't like that. He is an illusionist).

The site works like this: the user (or victim) would receive an email with a link to a YouTube-style page. A video would begin playing and Criss would come on screen and proceed to guess the victim''s name and phone number. After the video stops playing, the subject´┐Żs cell phone rings and Criss is on the line, addresses the victim by name and reminds him to watch his show on A&E.

He also confesses that this whole trick was a practical joke that was orchestrated by the victim's friend. Traffic numbers for this site were very high. Nearly 3MM people in the first month played a joke on their friend. The site also delivered on its objectives by driving viewership. The premier of Mindfreak was the highest-rated cable show in its time slot and the highest rated Mindfreak of all time.